OnePlus 6T Wallpapers

It is time, finally, for the new OnePlus 6T! As usual, I'm here to talk with you about the latest wallpapers I created for the new device, and share them with you in up to 4K resolution!

The Process

For those interested, I usually say a few words about the process, challenges and things revolving the making of the wallpapers. So, about a year ago now, I started my new business GrandWorks in India together with a good friend. It's been awesome so far, we've been working with cool clients such as Spotify, UpCloud, The Indian Government, and others during this year. I've also been traveling to countries like Sweden, Thailand, and Vietnam before coming back to India again to open up our new office in an old Portuguese villa.

While I was visiting my family in Sweden I got the task to start working on the new wallpapers for OnePlus 6T. Now, usually, I get some sort of style direction before I start working on the wallpapers, but this time I was to keep going in the direction similar to OnePlus 6.

Style and Approach

Since these recent wallpapers for OnePlus haven't particularly included much of the brushstroke style I used to do before but instead got to highlight a simplicity and zen approach, I chose to start creating directly in the 3D app Blender and experiment from there. It went smooth, and I was totally inspired while enjoying the great Swedish summer in a house next to a forest and a two minutes walk to the vast Baltic sea. Traveling, or experience different environments probably fuels my inspiration most of all.

I delivered over 20 wallpapers to OnePlus at first for them to pick and choose from. Out of all these wallpapers, none of them were really chosen to become a final wallpaper, but we've decided on a path to keep working on. As time went on, I worked closely with OnePlus each day to perfect 3 wallpapers. The style consists of a subtle depth of field, iridescence, and vibrant colors shifting from dark to light.

Live Wallpapers in 60 FPS

I've experimented with live wallpapers before, but this time it became a reality in 60 FPS! Each of the new wallpapers has a live version, which subtly animates the shapes to form the static wallpaper counterpart, to not cause a distraction but to create a cool effect, unique to the owners of a OnePlus 6T. 

Creating these three second long live wallpapers was more time taking than I thought it would be, and I had to get another machine for rendering 180 high-quality images for every three seconds of animation. However much work and time that went into making these, I'm super happy with the outcome and I really hope you guys will enjoy using it on your new 6T´s! :)

Illustrations for OxygenOS

Except for wallpapers, I'm also making illustrations for the OS. In time, you will see more of them show up in updates. Some of the illustrations can already be seen in the latest version. Here's a small preview:

Download all the Wallpapers Here

Enough talking, you came here for the wallpapers! So, here are the new OnePlus 6T wallpapers in up to 4K resolution for you to use on your awesome machinery!

Thank you so much for reading through this long ocean of letters, I hope you like the new wallpapers for OnePlus 6T!

Please share your thoughts in the comment section below and let me know what you think. Peace! :)

Copyright and Ownership

Using any of the wallpapers or media presented on this website for commercial use is strictly prohibited. Copyrights belong to OnePlus and their respective owners. I'm here to share the wallpapers I made to my fans and individuals who basically want to rock them on their own personal devices, of course without any financial gain, and I hope to keep doing that. OnePlus is a really cool company for letting me share and talk about the wallpapers, please respect! :)