OnePlus 7 Series & Abstruct Wallpaper App Released!

OnePlus 7 Series & Abstruct Wallpaper App Released!

OnePlus 7 Pro just got announced! As usual, I will share all the wallpapers I've created for this release with you. As a special announcement, I'm also releasing my wallpaper app ABSTRUCT today for Android, where you can download over 300+ of my wallpapers in 4K resolution!

OnePlus 6 Wallpapers

It's this time of the year, where another great OnePlus phone is released. I'm super excited to show you all the new wallpapers for the OnePlus 6!

This time, the brief I got from OnePlus expressed the need for a more clean, yet artistic OnePlus approach. To clearly present the bezel-less screen, without disturbing the icons on the home screen I got to create five vibrant, clean and soft wallpapers which I hope you will enjoy using for a long time.

The style I used to create this new set of wallpapers brings me back to when I first started working with OnePlus in 2015. I got a very similar brief for the OnePlus 2 wallpapers and comparing those with the new OnePlus 6 wallpapers, it's like traveling back in time, they are so similar! :) However, I feel that the new ones are more vibrant and polished. Have a look for yourself and tell me your thoughts in the comments!

At one point, most of these wallpapers still had visible brush strokes flowing through the artwork like most of my previous work. However, the brush strokes were later removed to present a cleaner approach. I will release some of the experimental versions in my upcoming wallpaper app Abstruct, which is set to release within weeks (Android first of course).

Enough talking, here are the new wallpapers! I've prepared them all in three versions. 2K, 4K and a Never Settle version. A Dropbox link with all the wallpapers zipped can be found further down below.

I know I mention this a lot, but I want to thank you all for your love and support, it means a lot reading your comments <3

I will be at the Mumbai launch event tomorrow, see you there?

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OnePlus 3T wallpapers

Hey, people! So you've reached my site for another piece of OnePlus awesomeness to be featured on your beautiful machinery. I'm glad! This time, I will share my story with you, about how these artworks came to life.

This is the new Default Wallpaper for OnePlus 3T. Tap the thumbnails to download.

Golden Dragon

Golden Dragon

Golden Dragon Without Never Settle

Golden Dragon Without Never Settle

Here're the other wallpapers you will find on the phone. If you can't wait, you can download the wallpapers right here below.

Frozen in Time

Frozen in Time



Climbing Rainbow Rocks

Climbing Rainbow Rocks

Night Sky

Night Sky

If you are curious about how these wallpapers came to be, continue reading :)

I was just about to go for my long awaited summer vacation to Europe. While boarding the plane, OnePlus messaged me about some new wallpapers that needed to be done pretty urgently. I got really excited about this new project but didn't get to know any details of what it was going to be, just that it was going to be awesome. 

I figured since I was going to travel around Europe, that I could use this opportunity to experience the delight of painting in Paris. I, therefore, decided to go back to basics, not touching my computer at all during the initial design process. 

I went around town looking for inspiration at various art galleries. On the way, I found a great art supply store where I bought myself lots of ink, acrylics, mediums, brushes and papers. It was incredibly fun, they had everything I needed! I then rented an apartment for a couple of days, where I experimented and used up all the materials I had bought, leaving the apartment filled with art, covering the whole floor so that I had to jump over the artworks to be able to navigate around.

A day later it was time to head for Berlin. Sadly, most of the artworks hadn't dried up yet. I, therefore, had to photograph all of them to be able to use them digitally before they got ruined in the packing. Trying to balance the artworks on different kitchen appliances while catching the sunlight outside the window, the color was dripping, it all had to happen extremely fast! I was late for the flight and had to rush, most of the paintings didn't make it and got stuck together during the flight.

Once in Berlin, in between great longboard rides and Pokemon hunting with my good friend Jeff, I spent most of my free time in Cafés, cutting, pasting, morphing, wrapping the pieces together to the final digital wallpapers you see here today.

If you managed to read through all this, thank you, I'm glad to be able to share the design process with you! Please tell me what you think in the comment section below <3

Looking for more wallpapers?

I'm making an app

Desktopography 2016

...and it's live! This year Desktopography offers a wide variety of incredible nature-inspired wallpapers for you to possess. I'm involved this year too, with a new artwork I call "Creator". Download the wallpaper to see the details.

To talk more about the process behind this artwork, I can say that this one features ink and acrylic chaos merged into a digital artwork which I painted using a Wacom Intuos Pro. I've experimented a lot with ink and acrylics lately, you will see more of this style soon! The only 3D elements in this artwork are the mountains you see behind the clouds and fog. 

Be sure to also check out all the other amazing artworks made by the artists for this years Desktopography exhibition!

Thanks for your time, please tell your thoughts in the comment section below. All the best!

OnePlus 3

It's finally launched! It's been awhile since the OnePlus 2 & X launch. While working on the OnePlus X wallpapers I was experimenting with putting acrylics into 3D space. For the OnePlus 3, I took it a step further and I really like how it turned out. I hope you do too!

Get the wallpapers right here

Get them in HD resolution by clicking the images below. The default wallpaper is also available in 4K resolution on the Abstruct website, to promote my new wallpaper app. There you will also find lot's of other wallpapers I've created recently.

With Never Settle

Please tell me how you like them in the comment section below. Thank you! :)

Paranoid Android Wallpaper

Hey there! Can you believe it: Paranoid Android is back, better than ever! This time, one of my recent creations got the spot as the official wallpaper. I will keep creating more wallpapers for Paranoid Android, the community is just too amazing. I've gotten so many wonderful emails from people who like the wallpaper, it's so awesome to hear from you guys!

Therefore I want to share a hi-res version of the wallpaper that you can use as a wallpaper for your computer, phone or whatever cool machinery you're using. Thanks again!