OnePlus 7T Wallpapers

It's time for the new OnePlus 7T to be released! As always, I'm here to share the details and download links for all the wallpapers I created!


I launched my wallpaper app on the Google Play Store on the day OnePlus 7 Series was announced, and I'm incredibly happy with the response I've gotten so far. Almost 300 000 people have downloaded the app so far, and it's rated 4.7/5 at the time of writing. Thank you so much for all your love and support! For you who don't know about ABSTRUCT, I released my wallpaper app with over 300 wallpapers made by me through the years in 4K resolution, it's released for Android, and will be released for iOS very soon.

The Process

I used the awesome app Blender 2.8 to create the main composition. Utilizing my new desktop PC setup, the artworks are rendered with a single RTX 2080 GPU using the Cycles render engine. Once rendered, I created the final details in Photoshop.

Style and Approach

Still, Borderless & Speed were the main keywords for the direction of the OnePlus 7T wallpapers. That's a continuation of the OnePlus 7 Series approach, finetuning the style. I really like how the new wallpapers turned out, as they take minimal distraction from the home screen while at the same time becoming a vibrant extension of the device itself. They have a sense of speed not limited to the screen, but kind of reaching out, creating a borderless sense of speed.

Download the OnePlus 7T Wallpapers

Here are the new OnePlus 7T wallpapers, free to download in up to 4K resolution! I hope you like them! :) I haven’t included the live wallpapers since they were not created by me.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read through the whole blog post, I hope you like the new wallpapers I've made for the OnePlus 7T. I also hope you got a better understanding of how I made them :)

I'm looking forward to reading your comments, and I hope you like the new wallpapers. Thank you!

Copyright and Ownership

Using any of the wallpapers or media presented on this website for commercial use is strictly prohibited. Copyrights belong to OnePlus and their respective owners. I'm here to share the wallpapers I made to my fans and individuals who want to rock them on their own, personal devices, of course without any financial gain, and I hope to keep doing that. OnePlus is a really cool company for letting me share and talk about the wallpapers, please respect! :)