OnePlus X

It's here and it looks really good! The OnePlus X is a new beautiful phone by OnePlus focusing on design. I'm happy to have worked together with this great team again, after receiving an excellent response on the wallpapers I made for OnePlus 2.

This time, I had almost no time to complete the wallpapers since we were on a tight schedule. Since they had a ready-made concept on how the phone should be presented, the wallpapers had to follow the concept. Therefore, the wallpaper had to be completely black on all edges and it had to form a clear X from the center point.

I started off by making a bunch of wallpapers, this time by experimenting more with traditional painting. 

I made around ten different paintings using acrylics. I photographed them and tried to somehow make them work with the style OnePlus wanted, together with some quick 3D elements. The first experiment turned out like this (cropped):

Here're some examples of what I made

All wallpapers below are in full resolution and can be used on your OP2 or OPX

These artworks were made while closely following my own style and it was not really what OnePlus wanted this time. Therefore we started looking for inspiration, trying to find something that we liked that could work with the phone. After some time, we had developed this new concept, featuring liquid metallic forms floating in space!

It took some time to finalise this design and to be honest, the wallpapers never got 100% finalised before they had to be shipped out to the phones in production. I'm happy with the result, but it could have been better, I'm sure! :) 

Now, I'll publish the refined versions of the default wallpapers for OnePlus X right here:

Here're a few photos I found on the internet featuring the phone with the wallpaper. People really seem to like the phone and the design, it makes me very happy!

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Photo by:   Josh Miller/CNET

Photo by: Josh Miller/CNET

Photo by:   Josh Miller/CNET

Photo by: Josh Miller/CNET

Photo by:   Vlad Savov/The Verge

Photo by: Vlad Savov/The Verge

Photo by:   OnePlus

Photo by: OnePlus

I hope you like the wallpapers I made for the OnePlus X, please also check out the ones I made for OnePlus 2.

All the wallpapers in this article are in full resolution that you can use for your phone, they also fit perfectly with the OnePlus 2. Feel free to download them and use them as a wallpaper and please link back to this article! :) <3

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Lot's of love