Paranoid Android 2017

Ahoy matey! How are you doing? I'm excited to share some new wallpapers with you today. This time released for the new & awesome version of Paranoid Android which you should definitely check out.

With these new wallpapers, you can see the beginning of a refined style I've been developing during recent months, where I use more fluid paint to accompany the artworks. What you see here is almost completely done with paint, extremely small, constantly changing colors photographed with a macro lens.

What happened to the Abstruct wallpaper app?
I will release more wallpapers soon, and with the release of my new wallpaper app Abstruct, it will be easier than ever to find new wallpapers to your beautiful Android machinery.
I know Abstruct have taken a long time to release. I've had problems finding good developers to help me code the app since this is something I can't develop myself. I'm happy to announce that I'm working closely with great enthusiastic developers who are currently working fast to deliver the best wallpaper app for your Android devices. Expect a release soon! <3

I recently started my own company in Hong Kong, called Spacetofu. It's been a lot of work to set it up, both challenging and fun. I will release Abstruct and NokoDoko under the Spacetofu name. I haven't put up a website yet but expect it soon.

Paranoid Android wallpapers
With that said, I'm happy to share the new Paranoid Android wallpapers with you, in both 2K and 4K resolution. Download the 2K version by clicking on the thumbnail, or click the links below each wallpaper to download the 4K version for mobile and desktop. 

Have a look and share your thoughts in the comments. I would love to know which ones you like best :)

Thank you! Have a great day :)

UPDATE 9 June 2017: Added desktop download option.